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The Graveyard Shift (Tech Rehearsal)
The Graveyard Shift
"Whole Lotta Red" || Lighting Concept
Francis Films

"Whole Lotta Red" || Lighting Concept

Created by Justen Key For the upcoming 1 year anniversary of “Whole Lotta Red” by @playboicarti, Justen wanted to create something that captured the “feel” of listening to the album for the first time. We used a combination of LEDs and tungsten to “light the set”, with our talent being able to freely move within it. Windows were lit with @litepanels Geminis 1x1 and a Kino Flo Freestyle 21, diffused through sheer curtains. Thanks to the amount of neon practicals we had on set, it was easy to motivate specific colors with @asteraofficial Titan Tubes for tighter shots. When hard light was needed, we used a 300W @arri Fresnel bounced against a 1x1 acrylic mirror board. Overall room ambiance was done with a Kino Flo Freestyle 31, bounced into a bounce board we rigged into the ceiling. A Titan was also used for the opening wide for ambiance aswell. Dreamy look was created with a @tiffencompany Black Pro Mist 1/4 filter, and some glow effects in post. Shoutout to @marcelipawlus for recreating the Teen X Narcissist Tour intro 🎸 Thank you to Kyle and the Cage at @coloradofilmschool for making this possible! And of course, the crew that helped put this together: CREW DIR | Justen Key DP | William Francis AD + SLATE | Kylee Hill GAFFER(S) | William Francis and Justen Key LIGHTING | @coloradofilmschool G&E TEAM | Jason Strong, Kylee Hill, and Isaac Sheets DOLLY GRIP | Jason Strong PROD DESIGN | Justen Key COLOR | William Francis EDITOR | Justen Key TALENT | Isaac Sheets
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